ID10T Comic

OH NO! It's the end of the web! If you have arrived at this page you'll need to grab a pencil and a piece of paper. Write down the following coupon code before you continue. First, write a 1, then a dash "-", then a D, then a dash "-", then the number Ten "10", then a dash "-", then the number 7. awesome work! Now check out your coupon code as you've just found the discount code to break the internet, it's call the eye-dee 10 tea Coupon, otherwise known as the identity coupon!

Don't be rude, share this with a friend! Best to be done while you can watch and ensure they write it down properly. If you got this far and haven't figured it out you might want to go to the see what we're all about before you leave.


Some of the work I've done

Two Minute Fix

Two Minute Fix - I wrote the Two Minute Fix as a way to expedite my personal computer repairs. It originated as a single mass-repair script that ran 40 of the most common repairs a computer needed. I would fix 90% of all computer issues given to me in less than 2 minutes. Thus the name was born "The Two Minute Fix". It has since evolved into a group of single-repair and utility scripts available in less than 2 minutes to end users.

Automatic PC Fix

Automatic PC Fix - Recently released as a second brand to the Two Minute Fix, this is the set of scripts that automatically apply themselves based on your computer's condition status. A constant background monitor runs and tries to find issues on your computer that can be universally resolved and, when a script is available, it gets applied automatically. Again, the fixes are 100% uniquely coded from the ground up by myself; however, the monitoring of the computer is done in partnership with NinjaRMM.


1D10T Commic

Alright, jokes on you. But, that said, it was fun enough to share, right? The reality is this page is designed to be a place holder for Tates PC. If someone points their domain at our server this website will come up. If you see this and you're a legitimate paying customer please contact Tates PC and let them know there is a website binding error on your account. Otherwise, you need to update your DNS settings on your server to the correct host. Here are a few more jokes for the road:

  • The Idiot Error: Code 1d107
  • The Computer's Picnic: P.roblem I.n N.ot I.n C.omputer
  • The PebkaC: P.roblem E.xists B.etween K.eyboard A.nd
  • IBM error: Idiot Behind Machine error
  • The Layer 8 issue


This website is designed as a comic relief as the server is used to hold customized applications for clients. I hope you found some enjoyment and have a great day.